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University of California, Berkeley (UCB)
QS Global World Ranking #30

Founded in 1868, UCB is the oldest campus of the University of California system and ranks among the world's top universities in major educational publications. A founding member of the Association of American Universities, Berkeley hosts many leading research institutes, including the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute and the Space Sciences Laboratory. Berkeley alumni and faculty count among their ranks 107 Nobel laureates (34 alumni), 25 Turing Award winners, 14 Fields Medalists, 28 Wolf Prize winners, 103 MacArthur Fellows, 25 Pulitzer Prize winners, and 19 Academy Award winners. The university has produced five foreign heads of state, chief justices of the United States and California, 15 cabinet-level officials, seven state governors, and 25 living billionaires. The Free Speech Movement, wetsuits, a treatment for malaria and earthquake science — these are some of the things Berkeley has contributed to the world.

Acceptance rate 14.8%
Total students 40.443
Academic Calendar
Established in
200 California Hall Berkeley, CA 94720
Main Schools of UCB
Harvard University has 12 degree-granting schools in addition to the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. Each single one of the schools is a highly desirable education destination for many young candidates worldwide.
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Online education
Offers of Online Programs & Courses
Berkeley delivers some certificate programs that increase student’s professional qualifications. Additionally, their in-class courses are readily available online through their extension, allowing many students gain academic credit from their homes.
Online Programs Offered
Total number of complete undergraduate programs offered online or through distance learning.
Online Certificate Programs
Online Associates Programs
Online Bachelor's Programs
Offers Online Courses
College offers distance education courses.
How Students Learn
Mix of Online and on Campus
On Campus
Graduation stats
Graduation and Retention
Apart from researchers and scientists, Berkeley is home to many famous creative and public personalities. You'll find numerous entertainers who came out of Berkeley, encompassing actors, comedians, musicians, cartoonists, etc.
Graduation Rate Within 150% of Time:
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1st Year Retention:
Post Graduation Salary:

How to Get Into Berkeley: Application, GPA, Deadline, and Minimum Requirements

Berkeley has earned the reputation for being one of the best education institutions in the world. However, despite its high popularity and impressive ranks, getting into Berkeley is not easy. The prerequisites also differ from one department or course to another. To help any student out, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get into this school, the application process, fees, requirements, and deadlines.

Where is Berkeley Located?-Address & Office

Berkeley is located in California’s San Francisco Bay area on a 170-acre land. It’s adjacent to Oakland and east of the Golden Gate. What’s to love about the location of this university is that the city gives you access to so many activities and places to spend quality time. Besides, cities such as San Francisco and Silicon Valley are within a reasonable distance from the campus.

Visitors are allowed on weekdays and weekends and can even access the Koret Visit Centre located on Goldman Plaza at California Memorial Stadium at 2227 Piedmont Avenue, Room 141. The Koret Visitor Center is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and from 9 am to 1 pm on weekends. The school street address is 103 Cross-Sproul Path, CA 94720, United States. The Berkeley admissions office address is 110 Sproul Hall #5800 California 94720-5800.

Basic Contact Information for the Institution

Depending on your preferred method of communicating, you can contact the admission office via:

  • Social media
  • Phone
  • Email
  • By phone

You can also use the university’s official website to fill out a form and submit a specific inquiry.

If you are a prospective or admitted student that wants general information from the office of undergraduate admission, you can call 510-642-3175 and speak to a representative. This Berkeley admissions contact is often the best method if you want a faster response to a question. Make it a point to call during office hours.

On the other hand, people who prefer to send mail can address it to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, California University, 110 Sproul Hall #5800, 94720-5800. Students applying to graduate programs and need assistance or have questions about the process can use the Berkeley admissions email [email protected] to send their request.

The Acceptance Rate at UC Berkeley

This university is one of the most selective in the USA. The Berkeley acceptance rate of 16% means they admit only the best students worldwide, making the competition to get an admission letter cutthroat. However, the selectivity also allows the institution to enroll students from diverse backgrounds.

Knowing the Berkeley university acceptance rate before sending your application is essential. It gives you a clue on the number of students admitted every year and how hard it will be to get in. A No from this school means there are more qualified candidates, yet the number of slots available for that particular course is small.

As you evaluate the acceptance rate Berkeley, remember that the percentage doesn’t tell the whole story most of the time. For example, a university may rank amongst the best overall yet have a different rank on other metrics, including your choice of major. So apart from acceptance rate, check other variables such as alumni employment rate, school atmosphere, tuition, cost, financial aid, campus size, availability of opportunities that interest you, and location.

Besides, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, the quality of your application essay, and meeting the Berkeley GPA requirements all play a role in boosting your acceptance odds. So while the low acceptance rate can be discouraging and cause you to feel like you will probably get rejected, it’s worth taking a chance, especially if the university is your dream school. Put more effort into crafting a high-quality persuasive essay and allow your accolades to shine.

Guide to the Application Process

The application process differs depending on the academic department and course you want to pursue. For example, journalism has different requirements compared to an engineering or education course. But you can apply to as many UC campuses as you want. All applications, regardless of the course, start by creating an account that you will use to upload your documents and check the status of your application. You can also apply as a freshman or junior transfer. Here’s a breakdown of the application and requirements for some of the courses offered in this institute.

Berkeley Economics Application and Admission Requirements

The admission board will not consider the GRE for the economic graduate program. However, graduate and undergraduate applicants are evaluated based on letters of recommendation, personal statements, academic grades, test scores, and personal accomplishments. The documents are submitted online before the stipulated Berkeley admissions deadlines.

To apply for an economics major, transfer students must meet the GPA admission requirement of 2.7 and 3.0 for a freshman. Applicants must also have taken two math courses, one course on introduction to economics, statistics, and macroeconomics or microeconomics.

Berkeley School of Drama Application and Admission Requirements

Application to the drama school involves answering personal insight questions and filling out the application online. Create an account to start the application, select the term and applicant level and give personal information that helps the admission to understand you better.

Don’t forget to submit your academic history and extracurricular activities, as well as unique achievements and awards. Finally, answer the personal insight question, review your application and click the submit button.

How to Apply for a Law Course

Berkeley law school application requires interested parties to create an account on the law school admission council website. You should also register and complete the law school admission test. Then submit relevant documents such as a resume, two to four letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and complete an online application.

So how many students apply to Berkeley for the law program? Around 6500 students express their interest in studying law in Berkeley every year.

Berkeley MBA Application Requirement and Process

The application is made online, and interested candidates should submit:

  • Two professional letters of recommendation
  • A resume
  • Transcripts
  • An essay
  • A GRE or GMAT score report

After submitting all the prerequisites, applicants are expected to attend an interview and pay an application fee. In some cases, the Berkeley application MBA has a fee waiver. Students who obtained their undergraduate degrees from schools located in countries that don’t speak English as a primary language have to provide proof of language proficiency.

Berkeley Energy Course Application

Want to know how to get into Berkeley University and pursue a course related to energy? The minimum requirement for admission to this engineering course is academic transcripts and letters of recommendation. All documents are electronically uploaded.

Berkeley Medical School Application

Students that want to pursue a medical course at this university should submit a primary or centralized application that contains a record of academic coursework and extracurricular activities.

A secondary application is also mandatory where the student uploads several written documents such as a personal statement, letter of recommendation and must pass the medical college admission test. Applicants with a strong academic record, passion for a career in medicine, and impressive grades in the medical college admission test have better odds of being accepted.

Submission Dates for Applications

Berkeley admission dates start in October, but application deadlines vary from one course to another. For example, the application for medical school falls between October 1st and December 15th. However, generally, the application filing period for admission starts from November 1st.

The Berkeley application deadline is November 30th. Students should check their application status in early December because that is when the admission office states the acceptance or rejections news. Those who have been accepted into the university have until May 1st to accept their offer of admission.

The deadline to apply for law school is February 15th, but early applicants should send their documents by November 15th. Furthermore, the application deadline for Ph.D. programs ranges from December 1st to 15th.

For example, the application deadline for a Ph.D. degree in African American studies is December 1st, while for Applied Mathematics, it’s December 15th. Overall, the deadline varies depending on the course or even academic level. Note Berkeley early admission is not offered. So send applications within the stipulated deadlines. Students should also pay attention to the scholarship deadline, which is March 2nd of every year for continuing students.

How To Get Into Berkeley

Despite the low acceptance rate, how many people apply to Berkeley? The university had over 88,000 applicants for the 2025 class yet only admitted around 15,000. This astonishing data can leave many students wondering how to make their application stand out.

Students can get into the university either as a freshman or junior transfer. Furthermore, it’s important first to understand that the admission officer is looking for applicants who have attained not lower than a C grade in the A to G subject requirements. The subjects the admission look for are:

  • College preparatory elective- one-year requirement
  • History, which has a two-year requirement
  • Mathematics- three-year requirement
  • English- four-year requirement
  • Science- two-year requirement
  • Foreign language- two-year requirement
  • Visual and performing art-one year requirement

Berkeley application essay plays a crucial role in swaying the admission board’s decision. Students use the essays to show their unique personalities and stand out from the competition. Thus it’s important to ensure your Berkeley admission essay mentions qualities, skills, and achievements that align with the university’s values.

Overall, the admission officer considers GPA, essay, course rigor, extracurricular activities, character, and volunteer or work experience. To get into this school, a student must meet all minimum requirements. Besides, both academic and non-academic achievement is considered.

Berkeley has admission requirements unique to each department. Here is an overview.

Guide on Law School in UC

This institution prepares learners to practice law and offers advance training for those who want to pursue graduate courses. The acceptance rate is approximately 20%. Learners looking for how to get into Berkeley law school should focus on having strong LSAT scores. Also major in political science, history, and English, which prepare you for law school.

Furthermore, instead of easy courses, go for demanding ones that help develop and sharpen crucial skills. The Berkeley law admission board will also use your GPA to measure your strengths and gauge whether you will succeed in demanding law course.

How to Gain Admission to a Business-Related Course

Haas is a great program for those who need to pursue a business course specializing in finance, accounting, marketing, and economics. Students get in either as regular freshmen or junior transfers from an accredited community college. The required grade is a C- or higher in core subjects and an overall minimum GPA of 2.0. While the admission board looks at several factors in reviewing applications, the following weights are considered: 15% resume, 35% essay responses, and 50% grades or coursework.

Getting Into a Preparatory Program

By joining a preparatory program you take specific steps to fulfilling your career goals. The program is known for its numerous academic and non-academic accomplishments. In fact, all graduates in the class of 2021 were accepted into college. The admission is for learners in pre-kindergarten to grade 12. The applications start early September while the deadline is February 1st. The board reviews interested individuals based on academic merit and potential. Admissions are divided into three:

  • Upper-division
  • Middle division
  • Lower-division

Students interested in preparatory school have to complete an online application, upload a birth certificate and pay a $75 application fee. Once the admissions receive all documents, they set an assessment date, preferably between January and February. The middle and upper-division admission process requirement involves taking a written test.

An Overview of the Admission Process in Medical School

Interest in medicine remains high. As a result, the Berkeley medical school admission is very competitive. The joint medical program is set to allow learners to select a major from more than 20 areas of specialization. So is there an easy way on how to get into Berkeley medical school? No. The application process is strict.

To get in, you should take chemistry for two years, including lab work, one year of physics, and have at least one year of general biology. Some medical courses require calculus or college-level math, English, and advanced biological science. Therefore, it’s best to check in advance with the medical program you want to be sure you have the right courses and meet all specifications.

Admissions Process for Optometry

The board reviews letters of recommendation, standardized test scores, academic achievements, interview performance, and life experiences. To get enrolled, make your application via the OptomCAS and, submit transcripts, three recommendation letters, and pay the supplemental fee. Applicants who send documents before the deadline will receive an invitation to an interview. Students who receive admission have to pass a thorough background check. This program doesn’t accept transfer students from other institutions.

How to Get Into the Graduate School of Journalism

To get into this program, you must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited university and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Completing an online application before the deadline and demonstrating a passion for journalism are some of the standard qualifications that can increase your odds of being enrolled.

It’s essential to check that all Berkeley essay requirements have been met before uploading your document. To apply, create an online account and upload a statement of purpose, two recommendations, transcripts for a college-level course, a one-page resume, and other requirements.

Theology Course: Requirements Needed

This school of theology has master’s and Ph.D. programs. The application for doctoral courses is December 15th. The minimum requirements to get in include completing an online form, submitting a 300-500 statement of purpose, three letters of recommendation, and a 20-page writing sample. Supporting documents for TOEFL scores might also be required.

Berkeley Computer Science: How to Get In and Entry Requirements

Students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science send their applications to the College of Letters and Science. Interested parties must meet these two minimum requirements:

  • Achieve the minimum GPA required
  • Meet all the A-G subject requirements

Some crucial Berkeley computer science requirements applicants should meet include having impressive extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and awards/honors. Students interested in computer science will be able to major in another related discipline like Berkeley data science.

What Is the Minimum GPA for Berkeley?

California applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, which is calculated as a point average from the 10th and 11th-grade courses. What GPA do you need to get into Berkeley as a non-resident? For non-residents, the minimum GPA is 3.4. The grades required vary depending on the program. For instance, Berkeley political science requires an undergraduate GPA of 3.0.

The GPA is also an important consideration when awarding a scholarship. For example, to be eligible for an undergraduate scholarship, the applicant must be a California resident with a 4.1 high school GPA or a 3.5 GPA if transferring from a community college. Continuing students can also apply for financial aid as long as they have a 3.5 GPA or higher.

GPA and Degree Requirements for Law School

The minimum GPA for those who want to pursue an undergraduate law degree is between 3.7 and 3.82. The LSAT required from applicants is 166 to 169. On the other hand, graduate applicants must have a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA.

GPA and Degree Requirements for Business School

The admission for the school of business reviews applicants to ensure they are an excellent fit for the program. The board checks academic achievement in required courses and extracurricular activities. Personal attributes also play a role in whether or not you are enrolled in a business course.

Apart from grades, Berkeley application essays and resumes are weighed in the admission process. While written information gives a picture of the students’ experiences, the admission officer might request interviews, but it’s often not mandatory.

GPA & electrical engineering degree requirements

Are you searching for how to get into Berkeley school of engineering so that you can determine if you have met all the minimum requirements? The engineering department looks for individuals with unique qualities and skills.

Those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, intellectual independence, and love for the community have a good chance of getting accepted. Applicants must also demonstrate good knowledge of mathematics and science. The course combines both electrical and computer science subjects. A student needs to have a Berkeley average GPA of 2.0 GPA for technical courses to pursue this major.

Ph.D. Programs: Requirements and How to Apply

Berkeley has a reputation for having the highest number of doctoral programs in the US. With over 100 programs, students can find a course they are passionate about. Here is more on the programs offered and how to apply.

Berkeley Ph.D. programs Students Can Apply for

Listed below are some of the most competitive Ph.D. programs offered in this university:

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Architecture
  • Economics
  • Applied Science & Technology
  • Biostatistics
  • Education
  • Music
  • Computer Science

Political Science, Psychology, sociology, and Vision Science are other Ph.D. courses you can apply for.

Berkeley PhD Application and Requirements

The necessary documents are made online via the university’s official website. Applicants must meet all minimum requirements to be eligible for admission, such as:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Have good academic records proved by submitting college transcripts
  • Submit a statement of purpose
  • A personal history essay
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Current Curriculum Vitae

Non-US residents must submit tests that prove English language proficiency, such as TOEFL, and get an impressive score of at least 90. Those taking the IELTS test should apply if they have a score of at least 7/9. The scores will only be considered if the test was taken within the past one and a half years.

Students should also check whether the Ph.D. course they want to pursue requires a GRE because it can be mandatory for some programs. Even though the university receives hundreds of applications, they only accept around seven students. Those who get an admission letter demonstrate an impressive academic and research record.

Berkeley Ph.D. Stipend and Amount Given

Candidates admitted to a Ph.D. program are eligible for a stipend of at least $34,000 annually for up to five years. The funding is given as fellowship, teaching assistant, or research. Students have to apply to be eligible for financing, and once they qualify, the details are sent after admission.

The money provides financial stability to the students and makes it easier to complete the program. The support is continued as long as the student shows good academic progress. To be considered for the stipend, the applicant must submit the graduate application within the deadline stipulated by the department.

What Are the SAT Requirements for Berkeley?

Berkeley SAT requirements, including ACT scores, are no longer used as part of the admission decision. However, it’s best to check with the school before applying. In exceptional cases, the Berkeley subject test requirements are an option that can increase a student’s acceptance chances.

The Application Fee For Berkeley and Tuition Cost

Before sending your application to Berkeley, it’s essential to consider the total financial cost of completing the course. The tuition cost for students depends on whether they are residents or non-residents. For example, continuing students who are non-residents pursuing an undergraduate course pay $23,883, while for residents, it’s around $9000.

Furthermore, the Berkeley application fee for undergraduate courses is $70. For international applicants, the cost is $80. On the other hand, those who wish to pursue a graduate course and are US citizens pay an application fee of $120. Non-US residents interested in pursuing a graduate course pay $140.

In case you need financial help, consider applying for a scholarship. However, while you might be eligible for financial aid, ensure that you meet all requirements. Pay attention to Berkeley scholarship requirements such as deadline and academic merit. The amount of money awarded depends on an individual financial need. If you don’t qualify for the scholarship because of a low GPA, you can still apply for the University Grant.

Bottom Line

To get into UC Berkeley, an applicant needs to attain the least GPA and take challenging subjects to show they can handle rigorous coursework. To further stand out from the competition, you must also submit engaging and high-quality essays and have a few unique extracurricular activities along with work experience, which can be in the form of community service. The admission board will review both academic and non-academic aspects of your life so ensure every part of your application is impressive. In case of any inquiries, contact the Berkeley office of admissions.


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