Duke University School of Medicine: What to Know

The Duke University School of Medicine is one of the premier medical educational centers in America. Since its establishment in 1930, the school has cultivated a solid reputation as an important part of the world’s pioneering healthcare and bio-medical learning destinations. In 2016, for instance, this educational center brought in approximately USD 700mn in bio-medical projects sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.As a student keen on enrolling at this school, it helps to collect as much information as possible. This post offers useful details on the institution’s admissions, acceptance rate, application procedure, and ranking to get you started. And not to forget, we also touch on the costs of attendance.

Duke University School of Medicine Admissions Overview

The Duke University School of Medicine admissions department endeavors to bring in and develop scholars with sufficient compassion, humanity, and intellect. The institute’s students should be committed to the service of others and society at large.In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the admissions team will factor in the challenges brought forth when reviewing your request. The disease has impacted the process in many ways, e.g., by interrupting experiences, affecting the pass/fail grades, delaying transcripts, increasing internet-based or nullified lab sessions, and holding up letters of recommendation. As such, the intake panel has had to re-adjust to accommodate all of these developments.

The school has noted that it appreciates that there will be several stalls in the MCAT examination. Given this, the admissions timeline has been increased by 14 days. Note, your submission should contain an MCAT score before it is assessed for enrollment.

What Is the Duke University School of Medicine Acceptance Rate?

The Duke University School of Medicine acceptance rate has always been low, reaching 2.8 % for the 2020 admissions. 4,354 applications were started, with only 122 matriculations. The 2020 entering class came from 34 states, representing 61 different universities. Potential candidates were from 160 universities and 47 different states.What do the figures say? The school is quite selective, meaning that you have to submit the perfect request to be considered. Pay attention to all deadlines and requirements to make your submission successful.

Duke University School of Medicine Application Deadline & Requirements

What is the Duke University School of Medicine application deadline? In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this thoughtful school has since changed the date for reviewing applications. These modifications are to accommodate the hold-ups in AAMC’S applications and the MCAT examination.The AAMC deadline is Oct. 30, and the Secondary application deadline is Nov. 30. Submissions finalized within the admissions timeline are termed as “early”. All requests are evaluated by the middle of Aug. Screening invitations are to be sent by Sept.

What requirements should you fulfill?

  • 4 recommendations/ a committee letter
  • MCAT test
  • Valid AMCAS submission
  • SOM Supplemental Application (secondary application)
  • Application fee (USD 100)

Duke University School of Medicine Rankings 2021 Business School Rankings 2021

What are the latest Duke University School of Medicine rankings? This establishment is ranked No. 12 in Best Med Schools: Research and No. 26 in Best Med Schools: Primary Care. These rankings are as seen on the 2021 US News and World Report.


What does the Duke University School of Medicine cost? The application fee is USD 100. Its tuition is full-time is USD 61,170. Scholars can consider various forms of financial assistance to help offset their schooling costs.


If you are interested in joining this institution, this is an excellent place to gather your information. We’ve briefly but sufficiently walked you through the admissions, application process, and much more. Get started on your application with this important information in mind.
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Duke University School of Medicine
#10 Medical School

The Duke University School of Medicine is a part of Duke Health. Throughout its existence, the School of Medicine has earned its reputation as an integral part of one of the world's foremost patient care and biomedical research institutions. Clinical rotations by medical students and residents occur within the Duke University Health System, a fully integrated academic health care system encompassing a tertiary-care hospital and specialty clinics. Furthermore, the School of Medicine is especially noted for its groundbreaking biomedical research, bringing in nearly $700 million in NIH-sponsored projects in 2016. Ranked among the best in the nation, the School takes pride in being an inclusive community of outstanding learners, investigators, clinicians, and staff where traditional barriers are low and interdisciplinary collaboration is embraced.

Total students ~450
Established in
Durham, North Carolina, United States
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How to Apply
All Steps of the Application Process
During the 2020 application cycle, Duke is still requiring the MCAT test, however, your application can be reviewed and you can be invited for an interview without your score. If your application was reviewed without an MCAT and a decision was not made, your application will be re-evaluated once your MCAT is submitted. The MCAT test is required for acceptance consideration.
Each applicant must submit a minimum of four (4) letters of recommendation; two of which must be from science faculty. Science faculty may be from experiences in either a lab or in a class. A letter from a clinician addressing your ability to work with others would also be helpful.If your school submits a committee letter, it applies the four letter rule. In other words, if you have a committee letter, you won't need to submit four letters of recommendation.
Application fee is 100$.
If your application is considered for a virtual interview you will receive an email with further details.
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International Applicants
What International Applicants to School of Medicine Must Have
The admissions criteria applied in evaluating international applicants are the same as those for U.S. citizens. All application materials, including transcripts and recommendations, must be submitted online and in English.
  • - DukeMed considers international students and requires completion of an undergraduate degree from an accredited American College or University. If the undergraduate degree is from a foreign college, at least two years of university work at an American-accredited university or college will be required.
  • - Duke Med will only evaluate credentials from students who have done their coursework in an American accredited university or college.
  • - The MD/PhD program does not consider international candidates.
  • - International students are considered for admission to Duke Medicine without regard to their country of origin.
  • - Verified AMCAS Application
  • - Duke SOM Supplemental Application (secondary application)
  • - Required four letters of recommendation
  • - Official MCAT scores
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