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Northeastern Illinois University
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Northeastern Illinois University has a rich tradition of educational innovation and prides itself on preparing teachers and administrators who make a difference in Chicago. That tradition continues to this day and has expanded to include an array of academic disciplines. Northeastern is regarded as the most diverse public comprehensive university in the Midwest and is designated by the U.S. Department of Education as a Hispanic-Serving Institution. Diversity is an important factor in the character of Northeastern and in the social fabric of its student body. The University has an enrollment of almost 7,500 students. With the Main Campus located on 67 acres in an attractive residential area on the Northwest Side of Chicago, the University offers more than 40 undergraduate degree and certificate programs and more than 50 graduate degree, certificate, licensure and endorsement programs.

Acceptance rate 55.6%
Total students 8.984
Academic Calendar
Established in
5500 N Saint Louis Ave Chicago, IL 60625
Main Schools of Northeastern Illinois University
Northeastern Illinois University has 4 colleges, which let students develop their individual view of the world by acquiring scientific, social, and cultural awareness, and offer abundant undergraduate and graduate opportunities for intellectual discovery.
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Online education
Offers of Online Programs & Courses
Northeastern Illinois University offers some courses through the Cisco Telepresence interactive network communications system. It is a real-time, two-way, concurrent instructional presentation system.
Online Programs Offered
Total number of complete undergraduate programs offered online or through distance learning.
Online Certificate Programs
Online Associates Programs
Online Bachelor's Programs
Offers Online Courses
College offers distance education courses.
How Students Learn
Mix of Online and on Campus
On Campus
Graduation stats
Graduation and Retention
The most popular majors at Northeastern Illinois University include Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services. And so, many NIU graduates are capable of securing a well-paying job after the education.
Graduation Rate Within 150% of Time:
Graduation Rate Within 200% of Time:
1st Year Retention:
Post Graduation Salary:

How to Get into Northeastern | Steps, Stats, and Important Considerations

With an 18-20% acceptance rate, Northeastern remains a top institution and comfortably sits among the fifty best colleges in the United States, receiving more than 60,000 applications annually. Given its prestigious standing, getting into Northeastern is not a walk in the park. This article simplifies Northeastern application requirements.

Address and Office: Where Is Northeastern Located?

Northeastern is a private university in the United States, renowned for its emphasis on a pre-professional approach to education. The college sits on an urban campus located in Boston. Northeastern boasts signature co-education cooperative programs intended to allow students to alternative between full-time employment and full-time academic engagements.

Of course, enrolling in the cooperative program is not mandatory. However, evidence shows that at least 96% of students at Northeastern participate in the program, highlighting the platform’s significance. The Northeastern computer science requirements are strict, as are those of other programs offered at the university.

The college has numerous satellite campuses worldwide, five of them in the United States. Graduates from Northeastern tend to be successful in the job market, with more than 50% getting jobs from their cooperative program employers. So, if you have the required credentials for Northeastern University, apply well before the deadline.

How to Contact Northeastern: Contact and Email Address

Northeastern is highly competitive as it receives applications from students around the world. The diverse student body strengthens the learners’ understanding of the world and challenges their thinking. To get into the prestigious college, you need to learn as much about the institution as possible. This may mean reaching out to officials and faculty through the Northeastern admissions email address.

You can contact the university through representatives of the registrar, located at 354 Richards. Understand, however, that many of the services can be found online, and you don’t need to travel long distances to get assistance. For degree verification and enrollment, confirmations send your emails to [email protected].

Inquiries and requests relating to registration should be directed to Northeastern admissions contact using [email protected]. You can also mail your requests and documents to the Northeastern admissions office address, 230-271, 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115-5000.

What Is the University Acceptance Rate?

Next, we consider the Northeastern university acceptance rate. The college is highly selective and only picks the best candidates. Understand that college selectivity is measured based on how challenging it is for applicants to get admitted. In other words, a selective college does not accept all its applicants.

So, how many applicants apply to Northeastern? In the previous academic year, Northeastern go more than 75,000 applications and could only admit around 14,000. This means that the college has an average acceptance rate of about 20%. This means that in every ten students seeking admittance into the institution, only two are likely to get accepted.

The acceptance rates seem particularly low, considering that more than half of those who send their applications have SAT scores of more than 1410. While the acceptance rate Northeastern appears low, your admission chances will depend on the strength of your profile and how you tackle the application process.

How to Apply to Northeastern

Given its highly selective nature, students applying to Northeastern must present their best versions. Of course, deciding where to get your college education is challenging. Understand that where you study not only shapes your campus experience but will also influence your future career prospects.

If you consider Northeastern your ideal university, you should start preparing for the application process. Don’t be intimidated by how many students apply to Northeastern. Here are some tips to get you going.

Law School Application Tips

First, we look at how to get into Northeastern law school. Getting admitted into Northeastern Law School is highly competitive. The law school is part of the prestigious and selective Northeastern University. Today, the Northeastern Law School remains one of the most progressive and liberal institutions in the country.

So how many people apply to Northeastern for its law program?  Over the past year, 7,000 sent their applications, and only 1,400 were admitted. Given its high ranking, Northeastern University Law school is very selective, accepting only 20% of applicants. The work of admission officials is to make reasonable predictions on the competence of individual candidates and their likelihood to succeed.

An essential consideration for law school is the personal statement. Other than delivering impeccable personal statements, applicants also need letters of recommendation.

So, when it comes to how to get into Northeastern, don’t forget about the LSAT. This is an exam taken by every applicant seeking admission into law school. In addition to other elements of your application, your score in these tests will determine your chances of getting into Northeastern.

Admission officials believe that the LSAT shows the most promising applicants regarding academic ability. Take note of the Northeastern application deadline as you prepare your documents.

MBA Application Insights

One of the reasons the graduate studies at Northeastern University are highly sought after is the diversity of offered programs. Students can benefit from the standard full-time MBA program and other online and part-time learning programs. Besides the MBA programs at the school of business, learners can also choose master of science degrees in taxation, finance, accounting, technological entrepreneurship, and innovation. However, the Northeastern MBA application is also one of the most challenging.

Thanks to its well-designed MBA program, Northeastern can offer students chances to focus on specialized concentrations. Learners can cut their teeth in the natural business environment through paid corporate residency. There is also the option of sharpening their global business skills through international field studies. During these international field programs, you can meet business leaders in different parts of the world and learn from the best.

While the MBA program is one of the best in the world, getting into one is quite challenging. The School of Business is ranked at 55 and has a Northeastern acceptance rate of about 18%. As you prepare your application for the MBA program, understand that Northeastern offers both full-time and part-time options. Focus on your statement and deliver a well-written application essay.

Energy Application Tips

The Master of Science in Energy Systems at Northeastern teaches how to integrate the engineering of energy systems tech with financial planning. By taking the course, you learn how to incorporate the tech side of Energy systems development with efficient financial planning. To apply for this program, you need the right academic qualifications. It would help if you also worked on your resume and personal statement to increase your admission prospects.

Medical School Application

Are you interested in a medical course? The Northeastern Medical Scholl offers a chance to benefit from diversity, innovation, and collaboration. The competitive programs allow students to grow into transformative leaders in the healthcare sector. The program focuses on advocacy, excellence, leadership, equity, diversity, and respect.

For years, the Northeastern University’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences has focused on an experience-based approach to instruction. At the institution, some of the best future practitioners and policy specialists in health sciences harness their skills.

The college includes schools of community health and behavioral sciences, nursing, pharmacy, and clinical sciences. Regarding how to get into Northeastern university medical school, make sure you have the proper academic qualification and follow the steps required when submitting your application.

Application Date and Deadline

One of the most important considerations when applying for college is the Northeastern admission dates and the indicated submission deadlines. Although specific colleges review applications submitted past the indicated deadlines, these considerations are in exceptional circumstances. Your application may also be considered after the deadline if the college fails to attain the expected enrollment margin.

However, since Northeastern University has an acceptance rate of just about 20%, it receives way more competent applications than it can admit. Late submissions are likely to be dismissed. The Northeastern application deadline is January 1st and the application fee charged is $75.

While January 1st is the Northeastern admissions deadlines for applications, you don’t have to wait until the last minute to send in your documents. If you are sure that Northeastern is your preferred institution, apply for early decision consideration. This is perfect if you have confidence that the institution is the best fit for your dreams and abilities. Understand, however, that early decision is binding, and you will be expected to withdraw other applications after being accepted.

Tips to Get into Northeastern: What You Need to Know

With an acceptance rate of 20%, there is no denying that Northeastern is one of the most selective universities in the United States. For instance, those admitted to Northeastern computer science programs have SAT scores of at least 1410. That said, the competition for limited spaces is stiff, and you have to bring your “A” game during the application process. Here are some insights on how to improve your prospects.

How to Get into the Law School

The Northeastern law school is committed to real-world work, giving it a reputation as one of the best learning institutions in the country. The college has an admirable co-op program that offers students work experiences, allowing them to put their theoretical knowledge into practice. Students also get one-on-one guidance from mentors, allowing them to learn effectively without distractions.

Given its ranking as one of the best universities in the country, the Northeastern law school is very selective. When applying to this competitive school, ensure your documents are in order. For your application to be considered, you need at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college. Your application will also be deemed to be based on your academic performance in undergraduate grades and LSAT scores and the Northeastern supplemental essay.

Other considerations for the Northeastern law application include work experience and your involvement in the community. Most importantly, boost your chances by creating a striking personal statement. It would help if you also asked for recommendation letters from people who know you well and vouch for your character and competence.

Tips on How to Get into Northeastern University D’amore-McKim School of Business

Going by the numbers, D’Amore-McKim is one of the most exclusive business schools in the United States. To stand a chance, your SAT scores need to be at least 1451. Start the application process early, making sure to work on and edit all your documents.

Understand that the Northeastern University MBA programs are designed to meet student and professional needs in an increasingly global economy. The programs integrate real care scenarios into the coursework, allowing students to benefit from a more practical approach to instruction. The university offers a rich diversity and is currently ranked among the top 40 research colleges in the United States.

To qualify for admission into an MBA degree course, you need a bachelor’s degree in a business-related undergraduate program. You also need your GRE results and at least three years of working experience. Alongside your resume and academic documents, make sure to provide a well-written personal statement. It would help if you also considered preparing a stellar Northeastern application essay.

How to Get into the School of Architecture

Studying architecture today is more than just learning the building industry’s concepts. Effective architectural programs integrate teaching students to frame arguments for the existence of architecture.

At Northeastern, students learn about energy performance, urban density, and sustainability of projects. We consider how to get into the Northeastern school of architecture because the learners here are also offered numerous choices on dealing with the many difficulties they are likely to encounter in their professions.

If you want a holistic architectural course focusing on practical instruction, Northeastern is your college of choice. When applying for an architectural program here, you need top academic credentials. While having a portfolio is not mandatory as part of the application process, it is highly encouraged. You will also need a Northeastern average GPA of at least 2.500 to stay in this major.

How to Get into the Medical School

The Northeastern University Medical School is highly selective, and getting a chance here requires competence. In seeking to build a talented and diverse student population, the admissions office undertakes only to enroll students with impeccable academic records. To stand a chance, you also need to prove your involvement in your school and community. Most importantly, you will be expected to deliver a top-notch Northeastern University admission essay.

When applying to Northeastern Medical School, ensure that your transcripts reflect the several academic opportunities, like Advanced Placement, college-level courses, honors, or International Baccalaureate. Other than your academic credentials, the admissions officers will also be looking at your letters of recommendation, personal statement, resume, Northeastern application essays, and contributions to the community.

How to Get into Northeastern School of Nursing

If you want to get into the Northeastern School of Nursing, you need to start your application early. The college accepts both typical and coalition applications. Applications can be done online and are only considered if all the documents are sent before the deadline.

So, when it comes to how to get into Northeastern University School of Nursing, remember that the committee will only start to review your application once you have submitted all credentials. Ensure to verify critical information such as date of birth, name, and identification details.

How to Get into Northeastern University School of Pharmacy

The doctor of pharmacy academic program at Northeastern University is famous for its holistic approach to instruction. The School of Pharmacy allows students to get a solid foundation of basic science and incredible coursework. It also includes extensive work experience in the professional environment, allowing students to combine theory and practice.

To qualify for admission into the school of pharmacy, you need at least a baccalaureate degree or equivalent in chemistry, pharmacy, biology, medical tech, or a related field. You will also need a Northeastern minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher and three recommendation letters. The process is highly selective, meaning that documents such as resumes and purpose statements must be impeccably written.

How to Get into Northeastern University with a GPA of 3.0

With an average GPA of 4.04, Northeastern University only accepts students with top academic performances. At the minimum, you will need straight A’s in your classes to stand a chance at this selective university. To boost your chances of getting into the Northeastern data science program, you will also need to have taken several AP or IB classes, showing your ability to thrive in challenging academic situations.

GPA Requirements to Get into Northeastern

So, what GPA do you need to get into Northeastern? The Northeastern admission process is very selective, and only students with the best academic credentials are considered. You can get into the college either as a transfer or first-year student. Those with diverse experiences, interests, community service and unique perspectives stand a greater chance of success during the admission process. Here are some GPA requirements for specific schools.

GPA Requirement for Law School

To say that the Northeastern University Law School is selective is an understatement. According to recent data, the class of 2023 had a median LSAT score of 162 and a median undergraduate GPA of 3.65. The whole class had an LSAT score of above 158 and a minimum GPA of 3.36. You stand a higher chance of admission if your numbers are above the indicated levels. You also need to consider the Northeastern essay requirements.

GPA Requirement for Business School

The Northeastern business school remains one of the best, renowned for combining theory and practical field experiences in its teaching approach. It would help if you had an undergrad degree from an accredited college to get into the school. The Northeastern GPA requirements is at least 3.5 or higher.

GPA Requirement for Medical School

An impressive 76% of first-year students admitted to Northeastern graduated in the top tenth of their classes. If you stand a chance of admission into medical school, you need to get straight As even in the challenging courses. On average, you need a GPA of above 3.7.

Getting into Northeastern for a Ph.D. Program

Another way to get into Northeastern is through a Northeastern University graduate application process. Northeastern University offers more than two hundred graduate degree and certificate programs in more than twenty areas of studies. This means that students have a wide variety to choose from for their Northeastern PhD application. Here are some options to consider.

Ph.D. Programs at Northeastern

Northeastern offers numerous Ph.D. programs, including those connecting to industry, government, and non-profit organizations. Here are some notable fields to inquire about when you visit the Northeastern office of admissions:

  • Biology;
  • Electrical engineering;
  • Pharmacology;
  • History;
  • Biomedical services;
  • Chemistry;
  • Industrial engineering;
  • Bioengineering;
  • Mathematics;
  • Nursing;
  • Medicinal Chemistry;
  • Environmental and Civil engineering.

Applying for a Ph.D. at Northeastern

To apply for a Northeastern political science Ph.D. degree, you must complete the coursework mandated by the specific degree program. You also need to have fulfilled the indicated residency requirements and acquired the required training in responsible research practice. Candidates applying for a Ph.D. also need to sit for a final oral test conducted by the relevant graduate office.

The general requirements include:

  • Proof of completion of the mandated coursework;
  • Proof of fulfillment of residency requirement;
  • A well-written personal statement;
  • Academic transcripts;
  • Evidence of formal training in research methods for students;
  • Letters of recommendation.

Is There a Northeastern Ph.D. Stipend?

The Northeastern University offers numerous financial aid and scholarship options for students to help them finance their Ph.D. education. The funding opportunities differ based on the specific degree programs, research, and the availability of funds.

Overall, students are eligible for an annual academic stipend of about $34,000. Take note of the Northeastern scholarship requirements as you prepare your application.

What Are the SAT Requirements to Get into Northeastern University?

An essential factor to consider if you want to get into this prestigious college is the Northeastern SAT requirements. Statistics show that the 25th percentile of the latest SAT score for Northeastern is 1390, while the 75th percentile stands at 1540. This means that those below the 25th percentile are below average, while those above the 75th percentile are above average. The higher your SAT score, the better your prospects. So, take note of the SAT requirements for Northeastern.

Additional Test Requirements

To boost your chances of getting admitted, you need to submit your admission test scores alongside your application. Northeastern does not make the application test optional, which means that you have to take all mandatory tests, as indicated by the specific program. Read through the application instructions and take note of the Northeastern subject test requirements.

Cost, Financial Aid, and Fees

The cost of a college education has been rising over the past decade, and many students are likely to find Northeastern expensive. Of course, the annual prices associated with co-op programs may vary according to the attendance pattern. Expect tuition costs for an entire semester to be about $28,250. There is also the Northeastern application fee that differs depending on the program.

For many people, financial aid is an essential factor in making the quality education offered at Northeastern affordable. Engaging student financial services will allow you to explore the full range of alternatives that can allow you to prepare a comprehensive plan on how to finance your college education. When planning your financial obligations, don’t forget about the Northeastern University application fee.


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