University of Virginia Graduate College of Arts and Sciences Applicants’ Guide

The University of Virginia Graduate College of Arts and Sciences is the biggest of the institution’s 10 schools. Also known as UVA, the school offers graduate and undergraduate studies in liberal arts and humanities. More specifically, this school currently provides over forty-five undergraduate and over twenty-four graduate courses. Many of the school’s departments have high rankings, indicating excellence.Do you want to join this school? If yes, then this article is going to be much help. We give you all the essential information on the school: the admissions, acceptance rate, school application deadlines & considerations, school rankings, and cost.

University of Virginia Graduate College of Arts and Sciences Admissions Overview

University of Virginia Graduate College of Arts and Sciences admissions office handles all application matters. It offers admissions decisions between January and April for the fall semester. If you send a request to this graduate school of education, your decision details will be sent to your email. Then, follow the link on the email to the online submission to see the decision.To confirm or reject an admission offer, you must go to the online applicants’ manager. There you will see the decision letter and head to the relevant link to the response webpage.

Already made your submission to the school? Note that admission offers that haven’t been accepted by Apr 15th can be removed to accommodate candidates in waiting. Scholars can’t take financial aid offer before the date mentioned above every year.


What does the University of Virginia Graduate College of Arts and Sciences cost? This information is essential to have before you send your application. In that regard, UVA in-state school tuition and fees are USD 18,878. For out-of-state school tuition and fees, the student has to settle USD 52,957.

Latest University of Virginia Graduate College of Arts and Sciences Acceptance Rate

What’s the University of Virginia Graduate College of Arts and Sciences acceptance rate? Before submitting an application to this school, you need to know the chances you have of joining. UVA is quite selective, having an acceptance rate of 24% and an early acceptance rate of 26%.

University of Virginia Graduate College of Arts and Sciences Application Information

The University of Virginia Graduate College of Arts and Sciences application deadline is Jan 1st. However, it helps to note the final dates change depending on the course you wish to pursue. So, strive to send your application before the last day. The application portal for all degree school programs opens on Oct 1st and closes on the deadline specified for every program.What are the school application requirements? Here is a comprehensive checklist as seen on the school’s website:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • School transcripts
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Writing Samples
  • Fees

University of Virginia Graduate College of Arts and Sciences Rankings 2021

What is the latest University of Virginia Graduate College of Arts and Sciences rankings? According to US News, the English graduate department comes in at No. 5 nationwide. The History grad department is at No.18, while the Psychology grad department is No. 17. Many other departments in the school rank within the top 100 countrywide.


This school of education is known for academic excellence, translating to competitiveness and selectivity. In light of that, it makes sense to have an accurate understanding of what you are up against and the chances of getting accepted. Besides that, you need to know how the establishment ranks today and the fees you have to pay. Luckily, you can quickly get started on your application since we have all that information in this post.
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University of Virginia Graduate College of Arts and Sciences
#4 Best English Department

The University of Virginia College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences is the largest of the University of Virginia’s schools. Offering over 50 undergraduate majors and concentrations and more than two dozen graduate programs, the Arts & Sciences curriculum spans the liberal arts, incorporating the social sciences, arts, humanities, and physical sciences. They believe that a good liberal arts education must provide students with an extensive base of intellectual content and skills that enables them to explore ideas, evaluate evidence critically, draw reasoned conclusions, and communicate one’s thoughts in a clear, coherent manner. The college’s faculty comes from some of the world’s foremost universities. In addition to noteworthy educational accomplishments, the College and Graduate School also seeks and requires uncommon enthusiasm, energy, and passion for learning and teaching.

Total students ~12.000
Established in
Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
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How to Apply
All Steps of the Application Process
Applicants must upload unofficial transcripts of their entire post-secondary academic record to the online application, including all undergraduate- and graduate-level coursework.All applicants must upload unofficial transcripts to the online application. Official transcripts will only be accepted from applicants to whom an offer of admission has been made.
The Graduate School does not require applicants to submit scores from GRE subject tests. However, some programs do require applicants to submit such scores, and others highly encourage the inclusion of such scores. Please consult individual program websites for specific information.
The TOEFL is not required of applicants who have or will have obtained an undergraduate degree entirely at an institution where the primary language of instruction is English. The TOEFL requirement will be waived for an applicant who submits evidence of these circumstances (such as a transcript or primary language certificate) as part of the electronic application.
The statement of purpose should indicate your reasons for applying to the proposed program at the University of Virginia and describe your preparation for this field of study, research interests, future career plans, and intellectual or life experiences in order to aid the admissions committee in evaluating your aptitude and motivation for graduate study. Your commitment to a selected field of study is presumed in the receipt of your application; instead, please discuss specific issues in the field that engage you. Please limit your submission to between 500 and 1,000 words.
Letters of recommendation should be submitted electronically through the online application system. Once you have saved the contact information for a particular reference within the online application, that individual will receive instructions via e-mail for submitting a letter of recommendation on your behalf. The Graduate School requires two letters of recommendation. As many programs require additional letters, please consult the program's website for additional requirements. If you have already undertaken a graduate program, at least one of the letters should be from a faculty member who is familiar with your academic performance on the graduate level.
A non-refundable fee of $85 is due at the time the application is submitted.
The University of Virginia is strongly committed to maintaining the privacy and security of confidential personal information and other highly sensitive data that it collects. Our privacy and public records obligations are governed by applicable Virginia statutes, including, but not limited to, the Virginia Privacy Protection Act of 1976, the Virginia Freedom of Information Act and by any applicable U.S. federal laws.
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International Applicants
What International Applicants to Virginia Graduate College of Arts and Sciences Must Have
The admissions criteria applied in evaluating international applicants are the same as those for U.S. citizens. All application materials, including transcripts and recommendations, must be submitted online and in English.
All international students must submit TOEFL scores in addition to GRE scores. Applicants are required to record their scores from the TOEFL (or IELTS) exam on their electronic application. Official scores are not necessary for the review process, but will be required if the applicant matriculates as a student. Official scores sent from ETS (or IELTS) are automatically matched to the application at the time they are received.
Transcripts that are not stated in English must be accompanied by a translation into English.
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