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Columbia University
QS Global World Ranking #19

Columbia University is a private educational institution in New York City. Columbia University is ranked 3rd overall among U.S. national universities and 7th globally for 2020. Columbia is classified among "R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity". The university has graduated students who became Nobel Prize winners: Eric Kandel, James H. Schwartz, and Thomas Jessell. Columbia University welcomes students from all over the world. There is 28 percent of them during the 2020 admission cycle. Also, scholarships are provided for students whose family earnings are less than the education cost.

Acceptance rate 6.3%
Total students 27.740
Academic Calendar
Established in
West 116 St and Broadway New York, NY 10027
Main Schools of Columbia
Columbia has 20 educational services : 2 Graduate Schools, 5 Colleges, 2 Seminaries and 11 Schools. All educational istitutions are fully concentrated on high-level education.
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Graduation stats
Graduation and Retention
Columbia University graduates are welcomed to work in different fields and institutions all over the world. Former U.S. Presidents educated at Columbia Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barack Obama.
Graduation Rate Within 150% of Time:
Graduation Rate Within 200% of Time:
1st Year Retention:
Post Graduation Salary:

How to Apply for Columbia University, USA 2023: Application & Acceptance Rate, Cost & Fee, SAT requirements

Getting into the Ivy League is the goal of most students, and that is why you are here to gather relevant data that will increase your selection chances. Columbia University is the oldest institution in New York, established as a king’s college and the 5th oldest in the US. It is a private institution, and many learners desire to take their studies in the prestigious Columbia.

Are you one of those who aspire for a successful career by studying in such an institution? Do you have what it takes to earn admission from the school? You are at the right place for current and resourceful data to guide your applications. The post helps you visualize the institute and its operations and define why you should apply for admission. Our help will contemplate the different facets of the college and provide accurate information for you.

The various essentials elaborate more about Columbia university acceptance rate and how to secure admission in its different schools. Moreover, getting accepted with any varsity might not be a walk in the park if you fail to adhere to their regulations when taking the assessments. Therefore, it is incumbent upon every intellectual to adhere to Columbia GPA requirements when managing your tests to improve your chances of getting selected.

While many learners have tried to secure a position in this institution, most of them will fail because they do not meet the desires of the school. However, this article seeks to provide facts to increase your odds. Some statistics will be startling but do not let them hold you down or prevent you from realizing your educational objectives. The document is rich with content you can always rely on when applying to any other school of your choice.

How to get into Columbia University won’t be a mission-impossible for you anymore because we are here to offer the relevant support you need. We have enough data for applicants who struggle to get an admission and who might find it helpful or need it elsewhere. Enriching yourself with such facts is a significant step to realizing your dreams.

Our site makes it simple for scholars to achieve their ambitions efficiently. First and foremost, scholars get access to the Columbia admissions office address, where you can reach out to seek counsel or clarifications when need be. Intellectuals can access direct contacts and communication with assistants or career advisors for guidelines on how to secure a chance at the school. Direct contact also facilitates a one-on-one interaction to determine your odds quickly.

We also have tricks to help you pass Columbia Sloan admissions and secure a master’s degree within the institution without any hassles. So before attempting admission tests, it is vital always to remember that SAT requirements for Columbia is 1510.

One vital factor you should always consider when making your applications is the deadlines. How long do you have before the applications window closes? With this in mind, you can always plan how to draft your applications before sending them to Columbia Office of Admissions. Also, you will consider other things after you know that you have enough time to work on your applications. When crafting your pieces, you should always include the institution’s contacts. This might sound too basic to many, who would neglect it.

Moreover, it is crucial to capture such data each time you draft Columbia application essays or send applications to your schools of choice. In your draft, you’ll also need to show your desire. What attracts you to that specific school? The info should express your interests and prove whether you know the college in and out.

  • On a lighter note, the entire text should prove your worth, besides attracting the admission officers. One advantage of Columbia admissions contact is that it is always obtainable online. The institution’s phone number is 212-854-2522, so you can reach out at any time. If you don’t reach them through calls, you can want to send a mail to Columbia admissions email, [email protected]. With such options, nothing will prevent you from engaging the institution. However, their response time might lag when you communicate through the mail because the team operates between 9 am-5 pm.
  • Other days you might be thinking of sending letters or postcards, so you must also know its physical address. Columbia is at 212 Hamilton Hall, which is at 1130 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027. This data can help you locate the institution quickly. Though the data is obtainable, some undergraduates neglect it when seeking admissions to this institution.
  • Luckily, our blog gives you all that you need for your admissions. The info will always be present online for quick access to beat deadlines by speeding up your application. Also, you can countercheck Columbia admission dates anytime you wish to avoid late submissions. Getting such info elsewhere might be perplexing, but you’ll be good to go when in touch with the institution. For instance, you can always secure firsthand information about Columbia essay requirements. Besides giving you such data, we also wish to see you among the qualified few. The best way to achieve that is to start early. Prepare on time and put everything to beat stringent deadlines.

Some applicants will gather relevant information and attach the required documents to compose praiseworthy essays but get disqualified for failing to beat the Columbia application deadline. Always be keen on the dates before progressing with the applications to be safe.

What is Columbia Acceptance Rate Today?

Why is this important? Every data within this post will tell you what to do to join this prestigious learning institution. Other students interested in knowing the school but not applying can also learn how it operates, subjects offered, and if it is an excellent choice to consider for further studies. Our statistics apply to the class of 2024 and might change with time but will give you a glimpse of where you aspire to be for a successful academic career.

The acceptance rate Columbia will consider is 6.1%. Nonetheless, the regular rate is 5.1% and an early decision acceptance rate of 15.1%. Like any other competitive university, hard work always pays. Moreover, joining Columbia might not be easy if you don’t take a stern stance. One simple mistake, for instance, can limit your chance, even after meeting all other requirements. Therefore, apart from working harder in class, ensure you consider other factors that significantly increase your admission chances.

Columbia average GPA is at 4.12. So, you should be able to score nearly straight A’s in all subjects and advanced courses like AP and/ IB classes. The academic qualifications lead us to another important feature. It is evident you’re your scores should always remain higher to beat Columbia SAT requirements. 2024 class, SAT scores range between 1500 -1560. Therefore, you must be ready to work smarter to get to Columbia. Such information is vital to help scholars prepare in advance and know what to do when making applications, always to excel.

Always know the essence of exquisite performances in any career progress. Some info could be missing, but don’t go lower than what we have as they currently stand. Be quick to seek professional support, for it might be unlikely to join the Ivy League without such intervention.

It would be best to be particular with what you need before working with Columbia admissions deadlines. Some internet scam sources will provide conflicting dates that might be confusing, so you must confirm dates from the institution’s official website before settling on any. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team through the address provided above for timely help.

Columbia Subject Test Requirements

It is essential to consider this aspect because many reviews will neglect it. Most of them don’t provide accurate info to assist learners in getting comprehensive information to boost their applications in advance. With this information, you will hone your writing abilities to deliver a fascinating admission essay for Columbia.

Apart from the academic prowess, you must present yourself excellently and convince the selection team of your candidacy. Therefore, understanding the fundamental requirements assists you to stand a better chance. The tests should never worry you because most institutions provide the best opportunity for intellectuals in their particular disciplines.

It is incumbent upon you to deliver what the college demands. Please do not be worried because the institutions always understand that students are multifaceted and dynamic. This implies that a single factor will not define you or determine your suitability. In this case, you need to be yourself and do what you are good at. NB: Always aim for merit.

The Columbia admission essay might not define the candidate, but one must always submit unique papers.

  • SAT or ACT is necessary.
  • The institution provides no optional writing sessions.
  • Standardization assessment
  • International students take an English proficiency test

Note that the English proficiency test is different from SATs or ACTs, so you must achieve top-notch performance for everything to work best. Unlike other universities, Columbia doesn’t need results from standardized tests but is accepted under Common Application. This implies that how you present your information matters.

Different institutions have their requirements, and this blog helps you learn more about Columbia. Therefore, instead of copying from other learning institutions, be ready to dig deep to find the necessary data. Be particular Columbia engineering admission instead of likening it to other campuses. Securing a chance is such institutions demand you to be accurate in whatever you do.

Do you know how many applicants apply to Columbia? From the current statistics, the institution received 60,551 applications from the 2021-2022 first-year class. With this high population, you must do everything right to secure a chance. Be particular about what you are passionate about for a quick start after understanding the requirements. Before becoming complacent, determine how many students apply to Columbia to know the need to surrender praiseworthy applications that set you apart from other candidates.

How to Get into Various Schools in Columbia: Beginners Tips

What tricks can enlighten you about how to get into Columbia? It might be challenging to prosper in your future career if you don’t select an appropriate scholarly career. But then, you must be quick to determine what you want to pursue as a career. At times, individuals get lost when seeking the best discipline to pursue in their education.

An application to Columbia can be a good start, but what do you prefer to pursue? Could it be that you want to apply for a degree, master’s, or postgraduate course? Every other application in other institutions is similar to what you’ll get from Columbia.

Our guides will touch a bit on the different divisions present in the school. This enlightens candidates of what they should anticipate besides knowing how much the Columbia application fee is. The schools we focus on today:

  • Law
  • MBA
  • Medical
  • Journalism
  • Social work
  • Dental
  • Business
  • Grammar and preparatory school

These areas are significant because a more significant percentage of students apply for courses in these departments. Our tips are simple so that you won’t get lost. As we already know that the minimum GPA for Columbia is 4.1; lets now delve into the various departments you will find within the institute and how to be a student in one.

Columbia scholarship requirements for joining Law School

Many people fear to engage in courses like law, medicine, or engineering because of how complex they might seem. But should that be a reason to shun your career ambitions? Sometimes, candidates won’t send their applications because of the rigorous selection processes for selecting successful students. But did you know that submitting a practical Columbia law school application can be easier with our help?

The process is simple but demands accurate data capturing. Remember that most applications today are digital, so no worries that the applications might fail to reach the required destination. The application is an online process through LSAC, so anyone from any corner of the world can easily apply.

Moreover, you can submit your endorsements if the school demands so. A Columbia law application request letter is valid if you consistently use accurate personal data. Always notify the school admission board should there be a change in that or anything during the application. Lastly, you will state your LSAC number when engaging the admissions office.

Columbia Scholarship Requirements for Law School

If you want to know how to get into Columbia law school, we can help you out. There are two application methods: regular admissions and early decisions. The latter is less costly, and you won’t spend much effort or money.

So, what papers must you present?

  • Resume
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Personal statement
  • The US or international transcripts
  • Letter from your dean (where applicable)

Some admissions require people to attach scores from their GRE or LSAT. You can always confirm this as it varies with institutions and the year of application. Use the contacts provided above to reach for guidelines from the school.

Columbia scholarship requirements for an MBA Application

Do you know what to present for the Columbia MBA application? Don’t worry! We have a checklist to guide you! Before we can enlighten you on that, you should always be ready to capture relevant info in the applications. Proofread your drafts to avoid grammatical errors that lower the quality of your work. You need the best submissions to surpass the Columbia application essay specifications.

Always be ready with these documents:

  • An application Essay
  • Transcripts
  • GRE, GMAT, or executive assessment
  • Recommendations
  • GPA

The above are primary endorsements for this category plus a $250 for an MBA degree paid through authentic channels payment like MasterCard or Visa.

Tips to Surpass Medical School Admissions

Our tips to get you started will capture the requirements for the application. Moreover, the school’s website provides in-depth insight into the recommendations for medical school applications. Scholars can determine the dos and don’ts for submitting Columbia medical school secondary application forms with the info. For med school applications, you’ll need:

  • MCAT
  • Grades
  • Recommendation letter

And what if you want to know how to get into Columbia medical school? What traits should you contemplate?

  • One year Physical engagement in physics or biology science labs
  • One year of understanding English through speech and writing
  • Biostatistics, statistics biochemistry courses are highly recommended
  • Two years with chemistry and lab. One must be dedicated to organic chemistry
  • You must have completed a full academic year at a regionally accredited college in the US or Canada

Med schools consider applicants with grades A and B in scientific courses and not lower than C-. If you believe you are this candidate, here is a chance to become a doctor by profession. Lastly, candidates pay a $110 application fee.

The School of Journalism: Gateway to Your career of choice

Understanding how to get into Columbia journalism school won’t be complex if candidates know what they want in life. Without further ado, the application deadline for this career is December 15th, so you’ll expect verdicts around mind-March the following year. To secure this admission, you’ll need?

  • Transcripts
  • Resume
  • Three recommendation letters
  • A general essay depicting your professional interest
  • Journalistic composed sample
  • GRE only for those doing dual programs
  • Essay on data journalism

Remember also there is a writing test to ascertain your English literacy and proficiency for non-natives. The application fee for Columbia school of journalism is $100, none-refundable.

School Of Social Work: How to Pass Your Admission

Any candidate wishing to take a course in social work has a spot here in Columbia. With this in mind, you can always make the best moves to fit in the list of qualifiers.

If you don’t know how to get into Columbia school of social work with ease, check this out!

Minimum requirements include:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Successful academic records
  • TOEFL score of 100, or English score of 120 and above for non-natives
  • Recommendation letters, internship proof

The needs are not unique but should be specific for the career.

Don’t know how to get into Columbia dental school? Some candidates find it difficult knowing the procedure for applying to this school, but you are lucky we got your back. The steps are simple to submit other applications. The application window is between June 1st and December 31st through AADASA, an online platform.

Those wishing to secure a spot in the college shall present: 

  • A dental admission test is necessary through AADSAS to prevent counterfeit applications.
  • Three recommendation Letters from a science professor a pre-health committee
  • Official transcripts

Sometimes the deadlines are stringent, so you need to make quick applications. Regardless of that, don’t forget to include the essential endorsements. A letter from any other department besides science, for instance, won’t work for this application.

Avoid forgery in your presentations. There is a $75 charge for the application. Indeed, it would be helpful to learn how to get into Columbia dental school at the institution’s website and for more clarifications.

Joining Business School? Here Are Tips To Help You Out!

Are you looking for a quick checklist to help you master how to get into Columbia business school today? Securing this spot shouldn’t seem complex with these:

  • Resumes
  • Transcripts
  • GPA results
  • GRE or any other equivalent tests
  • Meet the essay requirements
  • Recommendations

The application fee for this course is $ 250.

Quick guides to join Grammar and Preparatory School, Columbia

Digital advancement is a key factor in the success of many learning institutions today. Columbia, for instance, uses online application platforms, so you can comfortably monitor and review your accounts.

Don’t forget to create an online account for your applications as you master how to get into Columbia grammar and preparatory school from our website. Candidates can complete the applications conveniently and save any incomplete work for later.

Besides paying the application fee of $75, these are the requirements: 

  • Fill out and submit the application
  • Academic assessment
  • A parent or guardian interview
  • School transcripts
  • Recommendations

We offer guidelines for joining the Columbia computer science division for your understanding. You can continually perfect your applications from the sample admission essay copies to raise your odds.

There are no significant differences in applying for this course from what we have for the others. Most schools will always demand similar paperwork, but with minimal variations. Here are some Columbia computer science requirements to start you off:

  • Avail only official transcripts
  • Submit three recommendation letters
  • Proof of personal statements
  • Resume
  • GRE
  • TOEFL/PTE/DET for non-native or international students
  • Publication (optional)

These exact requirements also apply for admissions at Columbia data science.

Without forgetting also, you’ll need a resume, bachelor’s degree or equivalent, writing sample ~ 30 pages, statement of purpose, academic transcripts, and recommendation letters for Columbia political science plus a $120 application fee.

Ph.D. Data

Columbia University is an important research center with 15 Ph.D. programs. , The Columbia PhD application process is not complex for contestants who abide by our guides, besides those offered at the school’s website.

The stipend varies with the program you select. A package for math will differ from that of science, so this won’t allow us to state a specific phd stipend for particular courses at the moment.

Point to Note!

What GPA do you need to get into Columbia? Most of the requirements for a career acquisition at Columbia dwell primarily on the typical academic papers highlighted above besides other tests like the GPA/ SAT/GRE. However, we noted from the start that the score is at 4.1. It’s incumbent upon you, the applicant, to deliver what is required.

Make haste to work smart by constantly submitting worthy applications if you wish to secure a place with the institute. Who knows, you might even get lucky to secure a scholarship. Do what the guidelines state, and always visit the institution’s website to note any changes if present. By this, you can secure a prosperous career at the school.


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