Columbia Business School: Everything You Need to Know

The Columbia Business School is the business school of Columbia University, NY, and is among the oldest institutions worldwide. It makes up one of the six Ivy League business educational establishments and is especially recognized for its incredibly competitive MBA admissions rate. The school is viewed as one of the best globally and is renowned for its connections to Wall Street.This article touches on the essential details each applicant should have as they plan to enroll at this institution. We cover the admissions, acceptance rate, application procedure, ranking, & fees.

Columbia Business School admissions Overview

The Columbia Business School admissions process is unlike the rest. The institution has a rolling admissions process, meaning that each application is assessed and decided as it is received. This type of admissions is incredibly beneficial since it allows students to submit their requests as early as possible.The institution accepts candidates from various cultures, professions, and individual backgrounds. The emphasized bottom line is that students need to have a good work ethic, be ready to enhance professional and personal connections, be prepped to shape the world via their study. The admissions process is not prejudiced based on racial background, physical ability, religious beliefs, political inclinations, sexual identity, etc.

What Is the Columbia Business School Acceptance Rate?

The Columbia Business School acceptance rate for the cluster joining in 2020 was approximately 16%. The institution received well over 6,900 applications and accepted only 1,100. 782 students were enrolled in eleven clusters. The educational establishment, unique from many peer establishments, has 2 intakes yearly. August went up this year from 550- 570, and the January class increased from 202- 211.

Columbia Business School Application Deadlines and Considerations

The Columbia Business School application window is not defined by date but by expected entry dates. The institution allows scholars to enroll in either August or January. For the August session, do your best to hand in your application by the start of October for ED and April for RD. Requests for January need to be in by early October. There’s no ED for January entries.
The requirements for consideration are:
  • Transcripts
  • GPA and GMAT or GRE
  • Essays
  • Interview
  • Application Fee
  • Deposits

The Latest Columbia Business School Rankings

What are the recent Columbia Business School rankings? The latest rankings by US News and World put this establishment at No.8 in Best Commerce Schools. The establishment held the same position, according to a 2020 report by Financial Times.


What does the Columbia Business School cost? The tuition is full-time: $77,376 per year. For funding assistance, scholars are encouraged to reach out to the appropriate office at the institution.


This educational establishment is renowned for excellent studies worldwide. It has great professors, a rigorous core curriculum, and is very selective, given its high admissions standards. If you want to enroll at the institution, either in August or January, this post is an excellent place to start gathering your information. Take time to learn what to expect before handing in that application.
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Columbia Business School
#6 Best Business School

Columbia Business School (CBS) is one of the oldest business schools in the world. It is one of six Ivy League business schools. The Columbia MBA Program is highly competitive, with an admission rate of 16% for the 2017 entering class. The student body is highly accomplished and diverse. Students in the class that entered in 2009 come from 61 countries and speak more than 50 languages. Centered in New York City, the global hub of business, Columbia Business School offers its diverse and entrepreneurial students daily access to influential industry leaders. Their renowned faculty members are at the forefront of their fields, producing groundbreaking research across disciplines. And our worldwide alumni network continues to grow and impact change. They're committed to educating and developing leaders and builders of enterprises that create value for their stakeholders and society at large.

Total students ~1.533
Established in
New York, New York, United States
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How to Apply
All Steps of the Application Process
Applicants should scan and submit PDF versions of transcripts from each undergraduate and graduate institution from which they have received a degree.
All applicants must submit a self-reported GMAT, Executive Assessment, or GRE score. CBS considers scores to be valid for five years after your test date. Valid test scores must be received within three weeks of submission, or your application will be withdrawn from consideration.
Applicants must complete one short answer question and three essays. Required topics for the essay are available at the official CBS website.
If you have been working full-time for at least six months, one recommendation should be from your current supervisor. If you are unable to secure a recommendation from your direct supervisor, please submit a statement of explanation in the Employment section of your application.The second recommendation should be from either a former direct supervisor or from another professional associate, senior to you, who can share their insights on your candidacy. If you have worked full-time for fewer than six months, at least one, but preferably both, of your recommendations should be from a person who can comment on your managerial abilities.
You must upload your current resume with all your working experience and scientific research.
The nonrefundable application fee for the Columbia Business School MBA Program is US$250.
Applicants may be invited to interview with one of CBS alumni. Interviews are by invitation only and cannot be requested.
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International Applicants
What International Applicants to Must Have
The admissions criteria applied in evaluating international applicants are the same as those for U.S. citizens. All application materials, including transcripts and recommendations, must be submitted online and in English.
A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution is required for admission to Columbia Business School.
Materials that are not in English must be translated and submitted electronically. Applicants may translate their own transcripts for the review, but must not participate in the translation or submission of their own recommendations. If you are admitted, you must submit the official transcript from the institution you graduated from.
International students are not required to submit a language test such as the TOEFL. Your verbal score on the GRE or the GMAT is sufficient. Your interview will also be conducted in English.
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