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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
QS Global World Ranking #1

The MIT community is driven by a shared purpose: to make a better world through education, research, and innovation. The mission of MIT is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century. The institute is a land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant university, with an urban campus. MIT adopted a European polytechnic university model and stressed laboratory instruction in applied science and engineering. It has since played a key role in the development of many aspects of modern science, engineering, mathematics, and technology, and is widely known for its innovation and academic strength. For MIT’s faculty — just over 1,000 in number — cutting-edge research and education are inseparable. When they’re not busy pioneering the frontiers of their fields, MIT faculty members play a vital role in shaping the Institute’s vibrant campus community.

Acceptance rate 6.7%
Total students 11.342
Academic Calendar
Established in
77 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02139
Main Schools of MIT
Across MIT departments, faculty help set the global standard of excellence in their disciplines. Deeply engaged in practice, they topple conventional walls between fields in the push for deeper understanding and fresh ideas.
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Online education
Offers of Online Programs & Courses
Just like Stanford, MIT is an early adopter of online education. However, MIT has a focus on free education, which is the reason behind MIT OpenCourseWare. There, students worldwide can access top-quality education for no charge at all.
Online Programs Offered
Total number of complete undergraduate programs offered online or through distance learning.
Online Certificate Programs
Online Associates Programs
Online Bachelor's Programs
Offers Online Courses
College offers distance education courses.
How Students Learn
Mix of Online and on Campus
On Campus
Graduation stats
Graduation and Retention
As you'd expect, most famous representatives of MIT graduate alumni are successful scientists in various fields, including Engineering, Medicine, Computing, and so on. One of the most notable MIT graduates is Buzz Aldrin.
Graduation Rate Within 150% of Time:
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1st Year Retention:
Post Graduation Salary:

How to Get Into MIT: Complete Review

MIT is ranked first in the list of the best world universities. The primary mission of MIT is to educate the next generation who will serve the nation and the world. Also, the MIT community has a shared purpose of making a change in the 21st century through research, education, and innovation approaches. 

The university adopted the European polytechnic model and strengthened it with applied science and engineering laboratory instructions. Thus, MIT plays a key role in modern science and technology and is widely known for a variety of innovations. This university is the place where new geniuses are born. 

As MIT is a dream university for almost everyone, the competition among the applicants is really high. This review gathered all information related to the admission process, including MIT university acceptance rate, application requirements, tips and recommendations to get into MIT, and main test requirements. So, let’s focus more on each of the factors. 

How to Get Into MIT: Complete Review

Table of Contents:

  1. MIT admission address and contact details.
  2. MIT acceptance rate: all you need to know.
  3. Application to MIT:
    1. Application for graduate students;
    2. MIT Sloan MBA application;
    3. MIT EECS application;
    4. MIT Economics admission;
    5. Dates and deadlines to follow.
  4. How to get into MIT:
    1. Sloan School of Management;
    2. School of Engineering;
    3. Medical School;
    4. Architecture and Planning;
    5. Law School;
    6. Data Science;
    7. Computer Science;
    8. Political Science.
  5. What is the average GPA to get into MIT?
    1. GPA for Business;
    2. GPA for Law;
    3. GPA for Medical;
    4. GPA for MBA.
  6. All about Ph.D.
  7. SAT Requirements.
  8. Test Requirements.
  9. Cost & Fee.
  10. FAQ.

MIT Admissions Office Address & Contact Details

Mailing Address 77 Massachusetts Avenue

Room E38-200

Cambridge, MA 02139


NB: Note that the admission address and contacts may differ depending on the chosen school and department.

MIT Office of Admissions Address 292 Main Street

Cambridge, MA 02142

MIT Admissions Contact 617-253-3400

Fax: 617-253-4076

MIT Admissions Email [email protected]

MIT Acceptance Rate

The latest statistics show the acceptance rate MIT Class of 2025 is 4.1%. So, the answer for the most frequently asked question about “How many students apply to MIT?” is 1,365 applicants out of 33,240 were admitted this season. As for the number of admitted students from the waitlist, 25 applicants out of 680 got to the university of their dream.

The data highlights that the competition among the applicants is really high. That is why the question about what are the main qualities of the potential student comes to mind. So, how does MIT rate the applicants?

MIT mentions that there is no secret formula for being admitted to the world’s best university. But, they underline several factors that are crucial for the applicant:

  • The admission committee highlights two categories of qualities to rate the potential student: “very important” and “important”;
  • “Very important” factors include personal/character qualities;
  • “Important” components are the following: coursework, GPA, test scores, essays, recommendations, interviews, and extracurricular activities.

Generally, MIT is in search of young people who are the best in their field or who have the potential to become the best of the best. No doubt, the university can provide all necessary to graduate the next generation of tech geniuses.

All About Application to MIT

Before applying for one of the MIT programs, it is important to acknowledge several factors. Here you will find all the necessary information to know about the MIT admission process. Let’s start to discuss the application peculiarities of the world’s best university.

Graduate Application

An application is quite a tedious procedure. But with knowledge of some working tips, it will be much easier to overcome this challenge successfully.

So, what is vital to consider about the application to MIT? Here is a short checklist: 

  • MIT uses a separate application that will require extra time and effort;
  • MIT does not require you to demonstrate your interest on a mandatory basis, so you can devote all your time to preparing application documents;
  • All applicants should self-report their coursework and enter only the final grade, which is mentioned as “grade received” in the official transcript;
  • Ensure that you do your best while submitting the supplementary essay. Also, MIT requires short answers to several questions.

During the 2020-2021 application period, the supplementary topics and questions were the following: 

  1. Describe the things or people that make your world unique (e.g., it can be related to your hobbies, interests, city, community, family, and so on). How have the mentioned points shaped your aspirations?
  2. One of the MIT goals is to make the life of others better, and our students work to improve the world, starting from helping the community and ending with facing the world’s biggest challenges. Think about how to contribute to society.
  3. Choose the MIT program that fits you the best. Describe why do you feel that it is the right choice for you?
  4. Think about the most significant challenges you have faced in your life. Tell us about this experience and the strategies you’ve applied to manage the problem.

MIT Sloan MBA Application

For the MIT Sloan MBA application, you will need to prepare a list of documents and undergo several stages. Look through the main points to take into consideration before applying for this school:

Type of document What to Include
What Do You Need? Cover Letter The cover letter takes 300 words or fewer (except for salutation and address). It can be uploaded as a PDF or Word file.
Resume One-page resume describing academic and career path. It should include education, work experience, and additional information.
Video Statement The video should introduce yourself to your future classmates. It is usually 60 seconds in length and single-taken. Do not add any subtitles, background music, and so on.
Letters of Recommendation Two letters of recommendation (from a professional and an academic contact). It is recommended to adhere to the GMAC Common Letter of Recommendation form.
Academic Transcripts Scan and upload transcripts from all attended colleges and universities.
Test Scores GMAT and GRE test scores.
Coursework & Professional Certifications List the relevant courses and submit non-degree coursework or professional certifications.
Application Fee No application fee for the Early Admission Process.
Virtual Interview The interview will be scheduled by invitation.

MIT EECS Application

To submit an MIT EECS application, you need to use a special graduate application available online. Several sections are available for submission, including “Statement of Objectives.” Furthermore, the applicants should acknowledge these factors:

  • Letters of recommendations should be uploaded electronically by the recommenders;
  • Copies of transcripts should be downloaded to the application;
  • The application requires such documents: three recommendation letters, the biographical section, a record of subjects with grades, and an MIT admission essay with a statement of objectives;
  • There is no separate admission process for graduate or undergraduate programs;
  • EECS accepts either IELTS or TOEFL tests for international students; the admission process does not require GRE unless you apply to the LGO Program.

MIT Economics Application

The MIT economics application requirements for the graduate programs are the following:

  • Online application to Department of Economics;
  • Application fee ($75);
  • College transcripts (the applicant should upload scanned copies);
  • Three letters of recommendation;
  • TOEFL or IELTS for international students.

Dates & Deadlines to Follow

One more important thing is to adhere to the MIT admission dates that can differ from other universities. Keep in mind that deadlines are necessary to plan your admission process carefully and prepare all the documents beforehand.

Note that MIT does not accept the Common, Coalition, or Universal Application. So, you need to strictly follow the MIT application deadline not to miss your chance to get to the university of your dream.

All individual components for admission:

  • General information;
  • MIT application essays;
  • Academics, activities, achievements, certifications, and so on.
Letters of recommendations. Usually, there should be two letters (from academic and professional contacts).

BUT some departments and programs require three letters of recommendation.

Secondary School Report. REGULAR ACTION (RA) JANUARY 5
Academic Transcripts.

Other Dates & Deadlines to Consider: 

  • The admission decision will be received by mid-December for Early Action applicants and mid-March for Regular Action applicants;
  • Early May is a deadline for the admitted students to inform the university about their decision;
  • The deadline for the students who apply for financial aid is February 15.

How to Get Into MIT?

Of course, test scores and grades are crucial, but some issues can affect the application process and change the admission committee’s final decision.

So, what students’ qualities MIT is looking for?

Several qualities are important for the potential student of MIT, including the ability to be innovative, creative, and ready to work in a team and solve global problems. Additionally, these components have a huge meaning for the university:

  • Understanding and alignment with MIT goals and mission;
  • Readiness to take the initiative;
  • Ability to think outside the box;
  • Being curious and excited about what you are learning;
  • Spirit of cooperation, and ability to work in a powerful team;
  • Willingness to make a contribution to the MIT community.

Here are also some tips on how to increase chances of getting into MIT:

  1. You need to work hard to get the top scores;
  2. Try to take extra courses to increase your GPA;
  3. While choosing extracurricular activities, focus on quality rather than quantity;
  4. Participate in research opportunities;
  5. Do not put away your application process later;
  6. Write an application essay that is focused on MIT instead of using a generic essay for all applications;
  7. Do not try to pretend to be someone else; be yourself and highlight your unique personality.

Let’s have a close look at additional information and tips on how to get into MIT university depending on the chosen department or school.

How to Get Into MIT Sloan School of Management

  • Acceptance Rate: 14.6%
  • Average GPA: 3.54
  • Median GMAT Score: 720 of 800
  • GRE Quant: 156-158
  • GRE Verbal: 155-167

As is mentioned above, MIT Sloan admissions involve several peculiarities: 

  • Apart from general components, the applicant should submit a video statement;
  • Firstly, create an account, and then you’ll be able to submit your application;
  • Apart from letters of recommendation, you will also need additional references (with mentioning their contact details).

School of Engineering

Every applicant wants to know how to get into MIT school of engineering and what to do to increase their chances. First of all, he/she should have a high GPA and test scores.

What is more, the MIT engineering admission is a separate procedure. It is important to mention that each school or program is responsible for the application. So, the deadlines for programs can differ depending on your choice.

Medical School

If you need to know how to get into MIT medical school, it’s vital to pay attention to several things. The applicants who want to apply for health or medical professions schools need to take the MCAT or DAT test in addition to the standardized GRE test.

In 2021, the average MCAT score for MIT applicants was 516, which is 93%. So, you need to understand that a successful application requires very high test results.

How to Get Into MIT School of Architecture and Planning

For the School of Architecture and Planning applicants, two application systems are available. The first is for the MArch program and the second is for SM and Ph.D. programs. You need to consider this fact because MIT is not responsible for the wrong application.

Also, it is possible to apply to two different programs. But the only important requirement is that these applications should be within the Department of Architecture. To conclude, admission to this MIT school fully depends on the chosen program. So, be careful with it not to miss your chance.

Law School

Application to MIT Law School also has some peculiarities. Thus, law applicants should take both the GRE and Law School Admission Test (LSAT). It is crucial to consider the deadlines for registration. We recommend doing it as soon as possible because free places can be unavailable.

To learn more about how to get into MIT law school, read about the rolling admission that can increase your chances. Among other requirements for MIT law school admission are the following issues:

  • You need to adhere to the Credit Assembly Service (CAS) process;
  • College transcripts should be sent to LSAC;
  • 2-3 pages for MIT application essay with a personal statement;
  • Two recommendation letters from academic instructors.

Data Science

Two more programs are available for the applicants, including the MIT data science and the MIT computer science. The basic requirements for admission are the same as for other programs.

Students often search for the answers about how to get into MIT school of science, but they can get confused with the departments. Thus, computer science and data science refer to MIT Schwarzman College of Computing.

For MIT data science, the application form is available online. Apart from GRE, the international students will be required to pass IELTS.

Computer Science

Before admission to the MIT computer science program, it is important to remember that the College of Computing has its own application. Besides, you need to follow all the MIT computer science requirements that are quite similar to the basic MIT requirements.

MIT Schwarzman College of Computing collaborates with edX, and the students can take a desired online course.

Political Science

Here are several MIT political science requirements the applicant needs to follow:

  1. The word count for the personal statement admission essay for MIT is 250-500 words; the applicant should mention the research question;
  2. The academic scripts should be scanned and uploaded with the applications;
  3. The letters of recommendation are recommended to be submitted via the online system.

NB: Do not forget to check the MIT essay requirements to ensure that you followed all the admission committee recommendations.

What GPA Do You Need to Get Into MIT?

MIT does not mention the average GPA but focuses more on the average test scores. It means that the MIT average GPA is quite high. Apart from high scores, the admission committee wants to see that you challenged yourself with the most rigorous classes.

Here are the MIT GPA requirements necessary to apply for different MIT schools: 

GPA for Business GPA for Law GPA for Medical GPA for MBA
3.48 3.5 4.71/5.0 3.6


Thus, the minimum GPA for MIT starts from 3.5 and above. As the acceptance rate is really low, you need to have a really high GPA to boost your chances for success.


The MIT phd application predisposes adherence to the basic application requirements. But the applicants should not forget that the application for each department is a separate process. For instance, if you want to apply for several programs or departments, consider the fact that they do not share the supporting materials.

SAT Requirements

The Class of 2025 statistics answer the question about how many people apply to MIT: 33,240 applicants and only 1,365 admitted students. As only 4.1% of applicants were approved, it means that the SAT results should be really high. The middle SAT results for the admitted students were among 1510 and 1580.

The MIT SAT requirements for the Class of 2025:

  • Minimum: 1500
  • Above Average: 1570.

Even if you satisfy the minimum SAT requirements for MIT, it does not guarantee that you will be accepted. The higher SAT results you have, the more likely you will be admitted.

Test Requirements

Since the 2020-2021 admission cycle, MIT subject test requirements were suspended due to the pandemic.

For other types of tests, the statistics are the following (the first score is minimum and the second one is recommended):

ACT 34 and above
TOEFL 90-100
IELTS 7-7.5

Cost & Fee

The cost for MIT attendance in 2021-2022 was $77,020. It includes several costs and fees (except for the application fee for MIT):

TUITION $55,510
HOUSING $11,550
MEALS $6,550

The MIT application fee depends on the chosen school, department, or program. But, generally, it takes $75.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please check Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about our service and the ways we can help with your school application.

According to the latest statistics, the acceptance rate is 4.1%. During the last admission period, 1,365 applicants out of 33,240 were admitted this season. So, these numbers show that the competition is high.
There are two deadlines for admission: November 1 for early action and January 5 for regular action. MIT recommends not to put away the application and start early.
Generally, you need to provide two/three letters of recommendation, an MIT application essay, GPA, test scores, and academic transcripts submitted by the counselor or a school representative. For some programs, you will need to add a video statement.
According to MIT application requirements, you need at least two letters of recommendation: one from the professional and one from the academic contact. For some departments or schools, you will need three letters of recommendation. So, check the requirements before sending your documents.
Unfortunately, no. MIT has its own application available on the official website. You also need to consider that each MIT school or department has a separate admission process. So, be careful while submitting your documents.

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