MIT School of Science: 5 Must-Know Details

The MIT School of Science makes up one of the five schools of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As a whole, the school is world-renowned for its rigorous curriculum, excellent research, and outstanding faculty. If you are interested in enrolling in this science school, this post will prove helpful. We tell you about the institution’s admissions, application, rank, and finally, the cost of attendance. Let’s get started.

MIT School of Science Admissions Overview

The MIT School of Science admissions enrolls a talented and diverse class of scholars for Bachelor of Science, Master’s, Ph.D., or Doctor of Science programs. Applicants gain admission into one of the six departments, namely:
  • Biology
  • Brain & Cognitive Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
The admission process is holistic and student-focused, with every application being reviewed uniquely. Selection heavily hinges on excellent academic performance and a strong match between the candidate and the educational establishment.
Undergraduates don’t apply to a specific school, department, or program; they aren’t asked to pick a major until their sophomore year. Graduate program candidates apply directly to their particular department/ program of interest.

What Is the MIT School of Science Acceptance Rate?

The MIT School of Science acceptance rate stands at 7 %, with an early acceptance rate of 7.4%, as of 2020. This figure is a testimony to the institution’s selectivity, which calls for a better application to stand a chance. The US News and World Report came about these figures from their latest study.
Note, an admission rate implies the percentage of candidates that were chosen by the university. A low acceptance means that it is difficult to get a place and indicates prestige and superior educational levels.


This is a renowned educational establishment and is very selective. To secure a place, you need to submit an excellent application. Simultaneously, it helps to have as much information as possible on the process as it ensures that you make perfect plans. We’ve rounded up useful details on admissions, application, rank, costs, and acceptance rate to get you started on your preparations.
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MIT School of Science Application Deadlines and Eligibility

The MIT School of Science application is unique, given that the institution does not accept the common, coalition, and universal applications. The establishment runs its online application from August of the year before expected enrollment. The application deadlines for Early Action are and Nov. 1 and Jan. 1 for Regular Action, respectively. Applicants with deferred applications can resubmit them, being sure that they will be reconsidered fairly.
What are the requirements to fulfill in your application? Check them out below.
  • SAT, ACT, or TOEFL scores
  • 5 short essays
  • 2 recommendation letters
  • Coursework, depending on the program of interest

Latest MIT School of Science Rankings

The latest MIT School of Science rankings show that the institution remains exemplary in academic performance. According to QS World University Rankings, the school ranked No. 1 in 2020/21 in the following science areas- Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy, and Mathematics. The establishment came in at No. 2 in Biological Sciences, Earth & Marine Sciences, and Environmental sciences.
Elsewhere, here are how the six science departments at the institution rank as seen on the latest US News report:
#1 in Biological sciences
#2 in Chemistry
#1 in Computer Science
#2 in Earth Sciences
#2 in Math
#1 in Physics

Student Costs

The approximate MIT School of Science cost for undergraduate courses for the 2019/20 academic year is $74 000. For graduate programs, tuition rates go up to $26,725. These numbers are just to give you an idea; the real cost is almost always boiling down to the student’s situation and needs. Scholars can seek various forms of financial aid to help offset their expenses at the school.
MIT School of Science
#4 Science School

Research in the School of Science is integral to understanding the world, including detecting and curing disease, preserving the Earth and its climate systems, creating sustainable energy sources, and developing the technology of the future. The School of Science provides each of its undergraduates with an understanding of the basic elements of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Some of its most famous faculty members, even a few with Nobel Prizes, are also some of the best teachers of the first-year subjects. As of 2019, 12 faculty members and 14 alumni of the School have won Nobel Prizes. In addition to being prepared to enter research, industry, or academia, our students — graduate and undergraduate — often pursue medical, law, or business degrees and are uniquely prepared to make creative contributions to the world.

Total students ~1.877
Established in
Memorial, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
The Application Dates for the MIT School of Science

Early Action (EA)
Regularly Action (RA)
November, 1
January, 1

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How to Apply
All Steps of the Application Process
It is obligatory to apply your school transcripts to provide the admission committee with certain information about your education results.
You are required to upload the copies of the transcripts while filling the online application form in. You must provide Stanford business If you have the US citizenship or your mother tongue is English, it is not obligatory to pass the language proficiency tests. However, to assure the admission committee that you have enough knowledge to study without any difficulties, it is recommended to take the tests. with the official transcript(s) only after you have been admitted. Any discrepancy between your unofficial and official transcripts could result in the withdrawal of your offer of admission.
MIT requires you to write several short essays instead of the long one. You are supposed to write the essays to answer several questions to help the admissions committee to know you better. The questions to answer can be found at the MIT official website. Most of the questions require you to write the up to 250 words answer.
MIT requires two letters of recommendation from teachers. One recommendation should be from a math or science teacher, and one should be from a humanities, social science, or language teacher.
MIT has a huge graduate community that helps to handle all the interviews. After applying your documents through the online application system, you will receive a letter from MIT offering you to take part at the interview. To ensure everyone’s health and safety from COVID-19, MIT will hold all interviews virtually for the 2020–21 application.
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International Applicants
What International Applicants to MIT School of Science Must Have
The admissions criteria applied in evaluating international applicants are the same as those for U.S. citizens. All application materials, including transcripts and recommendations, must be submitted online and in English.
All students need to demonstrate minimum competence in fields they will continue to study at MIT. It is recommended that all international students study:
  • - Four years of English
  • - Mathematics, at least to the level of calculus
  • - Two or more years of history/social studies
  • - Biology
  • - Chemistry
  • - Physics
While these courses are not required, studying them will increase the chances that you will be sufficiently prepared academically to attend MIT. Students without all of the listed recommended classes are also welcome to apply.
MIT highly recommends you to apply the English proficiency test scores to be sure that you are able to understand the language and it is easy for you to speak fluently. You can apply the Cambridge English Qualifications (C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency), Duolingo English Test (DET), IELTS (International English Language Testing System), Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).
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